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tv   Headline News  RT  August 14, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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morning. between. boiled.
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yes. the conservative rally was organized by a pro trump group called patriot builders of support free speech it was confronted by counter protesters who were shopping insults before riot police blocked. a group of demonstrators attempting to force their way through the barricades some of them were throwing stones and fireworks. three people arrested. scuffles came just one day off the street brawls at a white nationalist rally in virginia they want to call to a crowd of counter protest as a planned vigil for the woman killed in the crash was cancelled due to fears about the rest but mourners are still gathered at the site of the incident. correspondent jacqueline looks at how domestic divisions in the u.s. may have contributed to the increase in. what was billed as two countering peaceful
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protests here on saturday in charlottesville virginia really had their chance of staying. peaceful given how high tensions are currently in the united states as the opposing demonstrators throughout the city clashes quickly broke out. here on the street. protesters. reversed again through the nineteen people and killing thirty. five more are still critical condition the driver of that car fled the scene but he has since been arrested and identified as twenty year old james feels. he's being charged with second degree murder is being characterized as terrorism by many people here where terrorism is is the use of violence to incite terror and fear and of course it was to present after would be a tie. active condemning the violence this egregious display of hatred bigotry and
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violence on many shots on many shirts politicians on both sides of the political spectrum slammed the president for not taking a strong enough stance and what's very unfortunate is people in virginia are still fearful that this could happen again given that those organizers of the white supremacist rally have vowed to not give up the hatred and tension was palpable here on saturday and much of it has continued throughout the weekend when one of the organizers of the rights protests tried to speak he was not only booed into submission he was also physically attacked. by. a out of the tragic events that occurred here on saturday is unfortunately just the most recent in a series of violent attacks happening throughout america. many of you will remember a republican senator was shot at a congressional baseball practice not long ago when the tox on the left we saw
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a comedian do a photo shoot holding up a bloody severed head that was meant to resemble the president we also saw violent protests and universities in california. we are united in telling these people who do not welcome them here. white america is acting like this brand new this is a brand new this is something that you will start it all instances was it he still had they just came. through that is they live in ok. they would say extreme of these they tried to kill people the politics have never been so divisive as they are right now it's unclear what can be done to bring everyone together but it's clear something needs to be done. r.t. charlottesville virginia political call to go to ted roll told us that extreme beliefs on both sides of the us political divide and part of the mainstream discourse. certainly extreme right nationalism and groups like the national
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socialist movement are on the far fringes of american politics and that's also true about the anarchists left as well but they also penetrate deeper into the mainstream than most american political pundits would like to admit and we certainly there are elements of white nationalism in the mentality that leads to for example police shootings by white policeman against young black man and there's elements of the far left within the progressive left and even in terms of that level of militancy so on the one hand this is played this is definitely a far right versus far left story but it's almost like a team sport of politics where people who are perhaps not deeply invested in their own version of the left or the right are nevertheless sort of silently cheering for one or the other. it's about you and i do we stand divided we fall but i've.
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got to try to respect. that if. democrats think. one of the reasons i won the election is very very divided nation. and this is all to international and he is continuing his campaign to find relatives of russian speaking children stranded at an iraqi orphanage bring them home is the coal we are trying to spread globally among those identified so far as a five year old hiding and its three year old fatima his young stars had reportedly been taken to iraq by their parents who joined islam next date the girls relatives in a russian. recognized in a video that we filmed in baghdad just
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a few days ago now the grandparents want them home as soon as possible. it is remarkable how coincidence can change entire lives a seven year old neighbor recognizes her former playmate dejan on instagram she shows the video that we filmed grandparents who had all but given up deja and her sister last call it they call it divine intervention but it changed all of their lives. you know it's sort of a school for. the elderly grandparents cried. it was a whirlwind of emotions and they found a new purpose in life to bring the girls back into
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a family but deja was only three when they last met and tried to mount me a months old would she remember to review is all and. kept. it to my good display. he. writes. the facts are. to guessing. as you. put it clean. your feet just turn. it.
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on then there's a. new person maybe even. still. there is something precious unforgettable it is one of the really unities to witness in its purest form is this one too big grandparents to know that despite the young age and the terrace of smoke still she remembered them more i guys do you see from dagestan russia. meanwhile we were contacted by an australian view of mark johnson and his offer to adopt a child whose relatives can be found my heart broke watching the story will make a humble but honestly living will gladly provide for those children should the remain displaced it's nice country here in australia and the children would be loved as a run it was heart wrenching i sort of got to read it i really cried and i really do every car still think about their laws would be very destroyed the poor
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children's were. in despair. you could still say it's of them enjoyed. it shouldn't be that it should be happy to have been surrounded by friends and family the same white parents abuse the i mean to slip in there to be caught up in ohio situation and these children shouldn't be there but when i when i got the boys i saw very little people who were. close their eyes. and he did the wife that little boy to experience. and this is. what i mean the full of these oh that was one of the most parent bits that i remember. and his description of saying saying the person at the end of. his little voice was distraught such an update that stuck with me and i would never
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want any of that come across to him for that matter. if you have any information about these children or know someone who might you can please contact us at the bottom of your screen the amount address is that. the war of words between the u.s. and north korea is generating plenty of headlines amid a growing fears it could erupt into a real confrontation and even military advisor is ringing the alarm i think we're not closer to war than a week ago but we're closer to war than we were a decade ago and this has been a problem that we've procrastinated on for a long period of time and now it's coming to a head where the threat from north korea not only to the united states but to the
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world is very very clear and it seems many people have taken the bait google searches in the u.s. for how to survive a nuclear attack are out trending classics like how to get rid shouldn't how to be happy and the media is certainly helping to stir things up people begin weighing their disaster plans a nuclear warhead that could land in hawaii in twenty minutes this is an accidental threat to the united states will information on radiation from a potential nuclear blast so where does that leave us now learning a few days into trump's verbal spot with kim jong un.
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alas making a comeback to clients helps people who are really bridge and really freaked out his clientele has changed from people afraid obama would take their property to those of great trouble start a nuclear war all this drama with north korea it's paying off in a big way for this company take a look at what they are selling here these are massive bomb shelters one such companies even advising people to form an entire survival community if nuclear armageddon talk has you scared feel life you could move to one of these bunkers scattered around a whopping twenty square kilometers in south dakota yet another says they're completely sold out are even true did so but we have the capacity to me at least there's a year's supply of me around the world. so plenty of point scoring on the back of needs planning but while the big boss is reaping the rewards the laws communities of people are left losing sleep over the
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fear of yet another conflict activist. says trump's rhetoric betrays the lack of genuine u.s. concern for the island. is used by the united states it defends the united states but it's not really the united states if kim jong il and the north koreans were to say that we are going to target off the coast of california or we're going to target off the coast of washington state or even target off the coast of hawaii there would be a very different response from the united states because you are directly threatening the homeland but what is the purpose of a territory or a colony the purpose of a colony is that you are exploited when things are good and if things get ugly you cut it loose the fact that trump speaks so recklessly and sort of impulsively only helps to underscore a lot of those those anxious tensions we're back with more of your monday headlines in just about.
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anyone else seems wrong. but. just don't hold. me. to shape out this day as a kid and in the game equals betrayal. when something find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. what politicians do you should. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want. to be this is what the three of them or people. interested in the war.
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is turning twenty past the hour thanks for joining us here in the e.u. migration commission has called for member states to get tough on illegal immigrants and ensure that they get deported let's get more on this now across life to watch the correspondent emily soon are joining us here on the program and then a year or so ago this sort of rhetoric was hard to imagine coming from any top e.u. official what's exactly being said. what are you exactly right there's certainly been a change of threat track from the e.u. migration commissioner demitra from operatives who one year ago set that that you
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should work harder to accept more asylum seekers take a listen to exactly what he said before let me remind you that you're already has the highest asylum standards in the world and we have to uphold those and a commitment to protect those seeking protection we need districts and more effective policy for deportation to few migrants are being deported the european states have to do more. now this change of tone really boils down to the policy for migrants and refugees really you know apparently falling apart with more and more countries refusing to take in more migrants we're talking about hungry we're talking about poland and the baltic states as well and the situation really has reaching a boiling point particularly in italy which has been bearing the brunt of all of the migrants arriving from the middle east as well as africa in search of a better life in europe we're talking about nearly one hundred thousand migrants has arrived in italy since the beginning of this year and in this particular small
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town. well locals have been protesting against the building of this new refugee shelter for under eighteen migrants take a listen to why they don't want their photo did we have the police a minute proved a friend of mine and got into a car he was trying to bag we couldn't handle the situation any more i don't blame this i blame the government and in the wood they're doing i'm just here to see that we can't take it any more we don't want them here. we give them a place to sleep and we give them eighty euros a day but first we should be taken care of children our own people. well the mayor of this town says that the town's simply been left alone to handle this crisis alone here. modern europe. the european union we've never seen do anything here i don't think the e.u. has given us any real support the big expense for us comes from underage migrants who the town according to law has to take care of generally we will be reimbursed
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around half of the expenses there are tens of thousands of your town is paying because of this now earlier there see it's really even threaten to close down its ports to all of the boats carrying migrants so we have to wait and see how e.u. officials were reacting to the situation and it's also how to restart a modern crisis as a whole. thank you. in the meantime abandoned vessels used by migrants to get across the mediterranean are regularly found like that right there on the italian coast of the boats come in under the cover of darkness that's thought to be in a bid to avoid detection by all the already used professor of modern european history paolo bernadino says officials are simply passing the buck as the situation continues to get worse while. the same is blaming this. and the fact is is now is the law.
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oh gracious is a very rapid escalation of the air when an opioid prices altered forty two americans are dying every day of drug overdose and then you have the surge in afghan drug production opium production in afghanistan rose bush forty three percent to four thousand eight hundred metric tons in twenty six seemed compared with twenty fifteen levels afghanistan hasn't always been the booming center of drug production that is today since the united states invaded in two thousand and one the poppy fields and the drug dealers who run them have been getting stronger in fact at this point drug production in afghanistan is twenty five times higher
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than before washington got involved whereas all these opium growing how about the united states which is currently suffering from a crisis of opioid addiction well the u.s. drug enforcement agency says that there is no connection southwest asian heroin is by far the most common type of heroin produced in the world however its availability in the u.s. market is very low the u.n. agency begs to differ in different parts of the united states during has been a resurgence in the consumption of heroin and afghanistan is now producing huge quantities we know a great deal of heroin currently comes from mexico but now of ghana stan is looking at the u.s. for the distribution and consumption of its heroin now the u.s. special inspector for afghanistan says that opioids from afghanistan are coming to the u.s. via canada the u.s. department of homeland security currently lists the flow of illicit drugs as the greatest threat on the northern border for the next time you hear u.s. officials decrying the opioid crisis plaguing the nation and you see images like
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this. you might also want to keep images like this in mind. artsy new york the managing editor of news site better and today jim dean says the war on terror is simply putting money into the pockets of u.s. intel. and politicians. or we went in afghanistan there was almost no one here when production there and then of course after we went in it miraculously began to skyrocket because the northern warlords went back into growing opium to fund the war and also to enrich themselves later that the u.s. contractors people who were involved in doing a lot of the air flights in and out of the country began shipping drugs later we found out that a lot of the increase in heroin production was being officially done and the money
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going in the pockets of eventually ending up in political campaigns in the us and also to fund black projects for intelligence operations that they didn't want anything in congress to know this is about international and it's a busy monday for worldwide news we are back in about an hour. in case you're new to the game this is how it works in the economy is built around
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quite. preparation for washington washington the media the media. voters elect. to run this country business because. it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself and taken your last wrong turn. caught up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry only i could so i write these last words and hopes to put to rest just things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned.


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